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from where you are to
where you want to be

Executive or “business” coaching focuses on helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves and/or their company to be.

Our Coaching Journey Together

Sometimes all it takes is a little support and a guiding hand

Career coaching is not a magic pill solution. Trust me if I could develop one I would have already!

You have to do the hard work if you want to make a change and like every other thing in life, you wont become an expert with 1 session. You need to practice, practice and practice some more to perfect whatever it is that you want to achieve. If you are serious about change, you will not give up.

And this is where my coaching helps.

Let’s just get 1 more thing cleared up – coaching is NOT about me – it is about you!  You are the focus, your needs, your wants and your objectives – that is what we focus on. 

If we partner together I will be on your side, I will be your champion and I will keep you accountable for whatever it is you are trying to achieve. 


BUT we need to first of all make sure that we want to partner together and that we are both committed to YOUR goals and objectives. 

If we are on the same page – then we need to make a commitment to each other.  A commitment that we will both see this journey through to the end. So I ask for a minimum number of sessions with my clients. 

Our first sessions generally revolve around what you want to do, where you want to be and what you want to change. It is important that we know our end goal. 

We then break this down into bite sized chunks, chunks that give you small achievable targets – one step at a time in the right direction. We usually meet once or twice a month, to give you time to put in place the tools and changes that we identify.

Once the program is completed, many of my clients choose to continue on with the partnership relationship, because after all:


Life continually throws us curve balls and we all can benefit from having a coach to guide us in whatever we do.

For Coaching Enquiries - please email: michael.leonard@leonardburgess.com